The Best Things to do in Netherland


Often referred to as Holland, Netherland is one country in Europe that doesn’t receive enough credit for its beauty and wonderful culture. Sure, there are many other elite countries in Europe, such as France, Italy, Germany and more, but Netherland has a different type of interest and beauty to it. It can be described as the ‘country next door’. A country that looks normal but is most definitely not bland and with some of the best activities, landscapes, culture and cuisine, you’ll be foolish not to give this beautiful country a go.

The Best of Netherland

Exploring the Canals of Amsterdam

This is one experience you’ll definitely want to be a part of. Many visitors, in fact, come from all parts of the world, just to experience this country’s majestic city in all of its glory. While the siting of the canals of Amsterdam are similar to those of Venice, it is somewhat different and allows for a sense of vibrancy. This is considered one of the most adored attractions in Amsterdam and just as in Italy, you can take a boat tour on the canal.

G C Gracht Merijn Roubroeks

Take a Stroll in the Garden of Europe

Best known as Keukenhof and also referred to ‘the Garden of Europe, this set of flowers has ever colour you could ever imagine. Situated just outside of Lisse, Netherlands houses the biggest garden open to the public than anywhere in the world. While this garden spans over 70 acres of land, you’ll definitely be feeling like you’re stepping into one amazing dream.

The Rijksmuseum

Difficult to pronounce, yes. This museum is a famous Dutch National Museum that is located in Amsterdam for all to see. Sparking an interest, it is filled with various collections of art which includes many antiques, paintings and more than 250 rooms that houses it. There are also up to 35,000 books that have been written by artists and some of the most impressive paintings in the world. The museum is mainly focused on traditional Dutch artefacts such as sculptures and ancient handicrafts. A proper visit to this attraction will take a full day.



Admire Grote Kerk

As the last church that was built from red bricks in the Gothic style, this historic church is a must-see. Found in The Hague, this building was built in the 13th century and was only finished in 1539. Be sure to check out the bell tower which is the highest tower in Holland, containing 51 bells.

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Not to forget about the nature lovers, visit one of Netherlands beautiful national park. It is considered as the biggest and most famous in Netherland, spans over 13,800 acres and well, looks a bit like a perfect painting to be exact. If you enjoy bird watching, breathing in the open air and enjoy seeing animals, then this is the right pick for you.