Explore the Most Beautiful Destinations in the World


Are you a regular traveller or a newbie? This is a question of which the answer could either end up being exciting, boring or right down depressing.  Some people, whether it’s due to the nature of their job or whether they’re just really lucky, get to travel all the time and never get to spend any time at home. For these individuals, the hype about travelling probably wore off already.

For those who have the spirit of a traveller and are constantly planning what their next destination will be are probably filled with excitement. In fact, their whole year might revolve around going to some of the most loved and most common destinations like Thailand or Rome.

When the question of ‘where you have travelled to” comes up, however, most people will give you a list of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

Taking your thoughts, a little further than that, have you ever wondered if there’s something else out there that could be just as amazing, or even more amazing than what everybody else is used to?

Well, without further ado, let’s indulge you in some of the most beautiful places on earth, that you probably haven’t even thought of visiting.

The next time you plan on travelling, go to…

Bora Bora

Although you might have heard about this gem before, we can’t emphasise how worth it this French Polynesian island will be to visit. The island was once a volcano but now, is just considered as one of the most beautiful islands on earth and to make it even better and distinct from other islands, the island has a barrier reef. This reef allows for major ecosystems, as well as clear blue water everywhere around you. Definitely a must.

The Victoria Falls

Majestic is the word that barely describes some of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth. Why not skip Europe this time and go to Africa! Situated on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, as the biggest waterfall in the world, you definitely need to see this.



The Amazon River

As a rather unconventional pick in the past, the Amazon River has become a destination that has brought interest to many people around the world who are looking for something new, exciting, different and in tune with nature. It houses the biggest rainforest in the world, as well as the biggest river. This rainforest is a must-see as it represents more than half of the world’s existing rainforest. Just imagine what you could discover in there.

The Rainbow Mountains – Zhangye Danxia, China

Like China couldn’t get any better, these mountains definitely set the bar when compared to others all around the world. Due to its weathering and erosion, the colour is caused by the results of trace minerals that are associated with the sandstone. This thus leaves the effect of something that looks like a painting. If you’re a creative or photographer, then this spot is number one if you’re looking for something different and mesmerizing.

Neuschwanstein, Germany

Although situated in Europe, a favourite, we just couldn’t leave this fairy-tale of a destination out. Built in the 19th century, a castle of wonder that was inspired by Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Something that simply can’t be seen anywhere else and must be added to your bucket list. This trip includes a German retreat and is best to visit during its summer months.