4 Tips to travel in style


Luxury trips need to be well planned out to ensure that you have a great trip from the minute you leave your abode. Most people embark on a luxury trip, but end up having to make last minute bookings or going over their budget due to improper planning. Fret not, for we have compiled a list of tips to specifically aid luxury travel needs.

  1. Travel in Class

Book premium or first class tickets to avoid the hustle and bustle of economy. With first class tickets, you are sure to get the luxury experience from start to finish. The economy class can be a mixed bag and it is very difficult to predict the kind of passengers you’d be seated with. Also who doesn’t like to get pampered on a long journey? So book early and remember to book first class.

  1. Personal Chauffer

Having a personal driver to take you around places is a hack that you never knew you needed. Most of the time what happens is that people end up visiting a great place, have a great time and by the time they are back in their hotel room; they are exhausted by all the driving. Having a personal driver also makes sense if you are going to be partying on your trip; otherwise one person has to stay away from the booze to be the designated driver. This is not the place where you try saving up because you’d end up having to shell out a lot of money if you are taking the cab option or you would end up being tired due to the driving. Also a luxury vacation is not the time to worry about traffic, now is it?


  1. Book the right place

Book a 5-star hotel to give that added perk. There is no point having vineyard tours and coming back to a cheap motel that doesn’t even sell wine. Are you getting our drift? If you have the budget to go on a luxury tour, then you should be having enough cash to stay at a 5-star hotel. A premium place will go out of its way to make sure you are having a great time by personalising the whole experience. They will do their utmost best to ensure that you return and choose the same hotel again; so don’t potate around what hotel to choose and go for the one that is on top of the food chain.

  1. The Concierge Connection

Make sure to build a great rapport with your hotel concierge; he is the man with the plan. A hotel concierge is well connected in the community and will get you on the list of every A-list place that you want to visit to, if you can build a good relationship with him or her. The secret is to not tip them when they help you, but to tip them on the first time you meet them. Because when you tip them for the service that they do, then the whole ordeal becomes a transaction. A transaction is not what you want; what you want is a friendship.